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Ever wondered if there was a smart and more efficient way to deal with frost windshield on an icy winter morning while already running late for work? RoyalShieldPro is the answer! Not only have we tested a wide variety of covers. We were able to build a windshield cover that corrects all the errors of already existing covers in the market. Our covers are specially engineered with triple layer protection providing your windshield with water, heat and snow-proof making it use essential in all seasons. With RoyalShieldPro, you feel the difference! Because we stand for quality and never willing to compromise on our customer promise, we were able to sell at prices you would never find anywhere! 

how RoyalShieldPro works?
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it’s all in the details, we at Royalshieldpro have specially designed our covers to be more durable and applicable, using the triple layer protection. 
The outer later is made from Premium Quality PEVA material making it water, snow, ice and fireproof.
The high-quality cotton is made from the toughest material which prevents the penetration of cold or ice, leaving your windshield clean.
The reinforcement coating solidifies our material making it stand out and even more applicable thanks to the special coating surface which blocks penetration of UV rays keeping your car cool during the summer season.


We have gone extra mile in this aspect once more. Not only do our covers at Royalshieldpro comes with a anti-theft sleeves which can be tucked into the car, our covers have very strong ultra-magnetic ends, and elastic hooks which can be attached to the rim. With our 3 anti-wind mechanisms, we can guarantee you a strong grip and shield.

All year all seasons!

Contrary from what people think, windshield covers are essential accessory of vehicles all year round. It Anti-Uv surface is highly efficient in blocking UV rays and prevent overheating of the engine when packaged outside. In Fall, leaves can be collected by our covers. Bird droppings and other unwanted objects or substances can easily be kept away by our shield.

stay smart and make your vehicle standout!

Time is valuable! Avoid spending excessive time which can be used for more productive activities on snow scrapping. Work smart, save your time, money and make your vehicle stand out! Snow scraping can be tedious and not an ideal way to start the morning or finish a long day after work!

One size fits all, Easy to use&store

Royalshieldpro™ covers are specially designed to fit windshields, wipers, and side- mirrors of all vehicles.  providing firm wind-resistant attachments. Side mirror comes with luminous strips which helps prevent a collision at night.
Because it is a waterproof material, it never gets wet which means no mess in your car. It also comes in a portable pouch making it easy to store.

FRee shipping/Pick-up

We are located in Quebec. Thus we ship within Canada & USA Only. we offer quick and free shipping with no hidden or additional charges which typically delivers in 2-6 business days. For customers in Quebec, you can easily pick up your orders in one of our 3 locations.


we are confident in our craftsmanship and consistently deliver quality windshield covers. Because of this, we offer 60-day money back guarantee on our covers.

Best Offers

We offer the lowest price for top quality covers like ours. We were able to achieve this by selling directly to our customers and avoiding third party bills, thus passing the savings directly to you without compromising quality.

Secure Payments

We accept a wide variety of payment methods. All payment and personal info are safe, secured and encrypted .

Pick up in Person?

we are located at 3 locations in Quebec, Canada at the moment: Downtown Montreal,  Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot. Clients near Quebec are welcome to pick up orders and/pay in person by simply clicking the button below to schedule a pick-up appointment or can use to proceed to checkout button to have their orders shipped.

Outside Canada/Quebec?

Orders outside Canada/Quebec or distant from our 3 locations can be completed by paying online via one of our payment methods (Paypal, Stripe).
Orders are typically delivered in 2-6 working days after payments undergo processing.

Our Happy Customers!

Customer Video Feedback

“I had this on for 4 good days and tested in the harshest weather.
Day 1-2 – freezing rain and it worked excellently
Day 3 – wind and Rain, it held perfectly
Day 4 – was very heavy snow and after taking off the cover, you can see how clean the windshields are.
It covers me all seasons, delivery was very quick, what more can I ask for?
I have tested a few number covers over the years, Royalshieldpro covers are completely different, I highly recommend”

Mathieu Kingston (Quebec, Canada).

Over a thousand positive feedback!

Everywhere i tried ordering covers for winter, it is just too expensive. even when it is cheap, the shipping fees are always expensive. however, royalshieldpro was able to deliver both quick and affordable. 

Sheena, (ON)

Very quick shipping and ethical team, i got update at every step of the order process.
Quality is great and love the fact that it can be used all year round. 5 stars to the team, it is worth every penny!

James, (BC)

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, i have been looking for this for long, and how quick and well packaged it was when i received it? i am quite impressed! magnets and straps are very strong too. well-done!

Sabrina, (NL)

This was a perfect gift this season for my little cousin who just started driving as she is so impatient to get to car warm and windshield clean before driving. thanks to RoyalshieldPro for delivering top quality as promised.
strong material and well made too!

Louis (QC)

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Yes! Because we are confident in our covers, You are welcome to come have a test before buying. Simply schedule a meeting with us.

It is one size fits all. We have specially designed all our covers to fit windshield, wipers and side-mirrors of all vehicles.

We only ship within Canada and USA. We offer one of the fastest shipping in North America, and we typically deliver in 2-6 business days.

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