Become a Partner/Representative

Our driving force @ROYALSHIELDPRO™ is the driver’s safety and seeing our covers on every single car around Canada. We want to partner with people who share the vision of our company. We want to make delivery and shipping time very quick and even if possible the same day. We can only achieve this by partnering with people in different locations. For this reason, we welcome potential partners/representatives who will be dedicated to the growth and progress of our company making us reach our goal while you reach yours.

Benefits of becoming our partner/Representative?
We have been in the market for over 2 years and with our reputation, we are a very profitable company, however, we are not driven by money.
Partnering with us gives you the opportunity to learn and our goal is supporting all our partners and fueling their growth.
Our success working system is guaranteed to push you to the TOP if you are willing to comply.
We are a team! Our goal is to carry everyone along and no one ever gets left behind. 
Reputable brand: all our partners were once customers but after seeing the quality and potential behind our brand, they joined us.

Your role as a Partner/Representative will be discussed over an appointment either via Skype or in person.

Feel free to contact us if you have inquiries regarding a partnership.
Send us an email regarding your interest, goals and why you wish to join us, also include your cv.