Our Story&Mission

We tested a variety of windshield covers and found that many were made of fragile materials that were difficult to handle. In response, we @ROYALSHIELDPRO™ made windshields out of a heavier, more durable material that was easier to install, maintain it’s grip in high winds, and really shielded the components of the windshield, wipers and side mirrors preventing frost screens. with @ROYALSHIELDPRO™ You can feel the difference!

With our driving force being protecting drivers and consistently delivering high-quality windshield covers, you can rest assured  ROYALSHIELDPRO™ guarantees true protection.

Our mission is to give you the very best quality of luxury at the most affordable price making mornings more enjoyable and those long days after work free of the windshield scrapping hassle. 

We are able to be the top and most affordable windshield brand in the market today because we sell directly to our customers avoiding third party dealers which come at more expense, as a result of this we are able to pass the savings to you without compromising the quality of our covers.

We want every driver to have a pleasurable experience not only in winter but all seasons! With ROYALSHIELDPRO™ covers, you always look forward to driving your vehicle again without worrying about scrapping/cleaning or defrosting your windshield which saves you time and money.

We plan to help your vehicle look smart and stand out from the others, saving you time after long days at work or while outing for pleasure.

Join the trend and our team @ROYALSHIELDPRO™  on a mission to improve your driving experience, avoid occluded vision and road accidents today!